Herbs, Spice & More

Wild fennel seeds, Semi di Finocchio
Seed of the wild flower Foeniculum vulgare that are dried and peeled, with a intense fennel like aroma. Used on baking, roasting, sausage making and chestnut boil.
Juniper Berries, Ginepro
Aromatic berries form the Juniperus communis shrub, good for marinating many types of meat and flavor sauces and stocks.
Oregano, Origano
Wild herb, Origanum vulgare, with a bitter and aromatic profile, used fresh but mostly dried to flavor tomato based preparations and salads.
Nutmeg, Noce Moscata
Kernel from the fruit of the Myristica fragrans plant, very aromatic, used dried and grated on variety of dishes, from meats, sauces and desserts.
Garlic, Aglio
From the Lily family, pungent bulb of the Allium sativum plant and related to the onion, one of the oldest cultivated plant. Used raw or cooked, is essential to many Italian dishes without overtaken the flavor of the main ingredient.
Capers, Caperi
Pickled flower bud of the Capparis spinosa shrub. Good compliment for uncooked sauces, intricate part of the Putanesca sauce for pasta. They come packed in salt or brined.
Coarse salt, Sale Grosso
Salt with bigger size of grains that has not being iodized, natural state, preferred over the table salt on Italian cooking.
Pepper, Pepe
Kernel of the Piper nigrum plant, Piperaceae family, used dried and freshly grounded. The white variety just have the outer shell of the kernel removed.
Chili pepper, Peperoncino
Used mostly in the south of Italy, of the Capsicum annuum family, green or red, round or long. Kept long by hanging to dry tied all together. Can be chopped when fresh or crushed when dry. Adds a spicy-hot tone to a variety of dishes.
Coriander seeds, Coriandolo
Seeds from Coriandrum sativum, old herb from the Middle East with a strong and aromatic flavor, used to flavor salame or coated with sugar as confectionary. Coriander seeds and cilantro seeds are the same.
Cloves, Chiodi di Garofano
Stalk, petals and centers of the flower Eugenia caryophillata, from the West Indies. Use to flavor stews, sauces and desserts.
Vanilla, Vaniglia
Dried pod the a fruit of an orchid plant, brown in color with pleasant flavor and aroma. Used mostly in ice cream and custards.
Cinnamon, Cannella
Inner part of the bark from the Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree. Aromatic and very pleasant aroma use to flavor savory dishes and and desserts. Can be bought in powder form or sticks.