Piemonte and its Regional Products

Town of Limonetto, photo courtesy of cepolina.com

Bread from all provinces

Tartufo Bianco d’Alba
White truffles from Alba

Semi-hard cow’s milk cheese

Bruss delle Langhe
Very soft cow or sheep’s milk cheese

Caprino Ossolano
Semi-soft goat’s milk cheese

Toma Piemontese DOP
Soft or Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese

Castelmagno DOP
Semi-hard cow/sheep’s milk cheese

Murazzano DOP
Hard Sheep’s milk cheese, pecorino like

Nocciola del Piemonte IGP

Peperone Quadrato d’Asti
Square shapped bell peppers from Asti

Proscciutto crudo di Cuneo
Raw prosciutto from Cuneo

Raschera DOP
Table Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese

Robiola di Roccaverano DOP
Soft cow’s milk cheese

Salam d’la Duja
Chopped meat with garlic and red wine
cured under its own fat (strutto)