Valle d'Aosta and its Regional Products

Valle d’Aosta, Western Alps in background

Beuro de Brossa
Buttery cheese made from whey

Pork blood sausage

Fontina DOP
Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese, melting cheese

Fromadzo DOP
Semi-hard low fat goat cheese

Grappa Valdostana
Grappa from Valdosta

Jambom de Bosses DOP
Herbed infused Ham

Lardo d’Arnad DOP
Pork’s back cured lard

Mela Renetta
Organic apples

Miele della Valle d’Aosta
Honey from the Valley d’Aosta

Mocetta di Camoscio
Cured lean meat of game animals

Prosciutto crudo Saint-Marcel alle erbe
Herbed cured ham

Salame di Vacca
Lean beef salami with pork fat

Strong variety of ricotta cheese

Salsiccia Valdostana
beef and pork sausage